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KALI Jewellery is a contemporary designer jewelery brand that proposes jewels with a strong personality for those who value exclusive pieces of art that express harmony through beauty. KALI

it is matter, which takes us to a more subtle and profound world populated by symbols and memories.

The manual transformation process confers authenticity

and connection with time. Jewelry, objects, books, spoons, magnifying glasses, hourglasses ... are all part of KALI's work but more

than materialized objects and expressions, are also

a journey in the immense creative universe of

Maria Catarina Fernandes.


The materials used are silver, brass, stones, shells, seeds, fossils, among others. When being transformed manually, through various techniques that include construction by welding and casting, giving rise to jewelry.

certification and authenticity

The Kali Jewelery brand jewels are made of brass and precious metals, 925 silver. All jewels are certified by the INCM Contrastaria ( ) where they find the precious metal permeate from the alloy and certify the cool touch of the metal. This certification is done by applying the contrast with the manufacturer's liability mark or equivalent. The application of the certification process by the INCM Contrastaria only applies to parts weighing 2g or more. In case of doubt about the authenticity of the certification marks, the buyer can turn to the services of the Contrastaria to verify the authenticity of the metal. 

Quadro das Marcas da Constrastaria da INCM

On the Banco de Portugal website you can consult the daily price of gold, silver, platinum and palladium, in accordance with the provisions of paragraph a), nº 1 and nº2 of art. 63


Oxidation is a natural process in metals. 925 silver pieces can be cleaned with a common silver cleaner on the market. To brass jewels, as they have a higher degree of oxidation,we apply a protective varnish layer to maintain the finish. If it oxidizes over time, it can be cleaned with the metal cleaner on the market or with a scotch brite cloth already worn out. If you are unable to effectively clean your jewelry, contact us at

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